A New Story For Congo

When you think of the Congo, do you think of war? Poverty?

Mavuno is an innovative social enterprise that uses business to end extreme poverty in eastern Congo. Nathan is a founding team member of Mavuno and has been instrumental in creating the organization’s voice. With an emphasis on authenticity, local leadership, nuance, and cultural sensitivity, Nathan has crafted messaging for Mavuno across all platforms.

“A New Story for Congo” epitomizes Nathan’s filmmaking voice. Narrated by Mavuno co-founder David Masomo, this video uses visual and auditory poetry to place the Congolese a the center of their new story.

“A New Story for Congo” won the Daily Dogooder Award for Excellent Cause Video in 2016.

“This video perfectly captures our vision for the future of the Congo.”

Daniel Myatt, Co-founder, Mavuno

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