Filmmaker / Photographer / Designer / Strategist

Nathan Johnson

A creative strategist with extensive experience, Nathan Johnson creates positive social change with some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

Nathan’s clients include global brands like the United Nations and the United Way alongside smaller organizations like the Alliance for International Reforestation. Invariably, these clients have praised his abundant creativity and storyteller’s voice, coupled with a unique commitment to thorough professionalism.

Nathan has been described as “a one-person communications department” for his expansive range of skills. These include video production of all kinds, still photography, graphic design for print and web, and writing. In more conceptual and strategic roles, he also excels at storyboarding, scripting, content planning, and project management.

An insatiably curious lifelong learner, Nathan received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Spanish. He speaks Spanish fluently, having studied and worked throughout Latin America, and speaks French conversationally. He is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Communications.

In 2014, Nathan began to collaborate with Daniel Myatt and David Masomo, and became a founding team member of Mavuno. Today, he serves as Vice President of Communications for Mavuno, having been instrumental in crafting the voice and narrative of the entire organization.

Nathan’s diverse, robust skillset is underpinned by an unrelenting passion for social equity and environmental sustainability.